thankful5 – January 30 2015

What are you thankful for? Take a moment to read what others are thankful for and then add your thankful5 below!

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  1. Janet King says:

    I am thankful for:
    1. Naps when I wake up too early.
    2. God is always available to talk to.
    3. So many good friends here in the Keys and all around the country.
    4. Talking to my grandson last night for his birthday and hearing the joy in his voice.
    5. Dear husband to share life with.

  2. Dixie Lee says:

    I am thankful:

    For abundant blessings every new day
    For an amazing God who loves us so
    For my church family
    For my chosen family of friends
    For freedom

  3. .Wanda Gershowitz says:

    I am thankful to God for…
    1. brilliant sunshine on the crisp day
    2. peace that comes from wanting only His will be done
    3. joy of His presence surrounding me
    4. being filled with love instead of anger, resentments and bitterness
    5. laughter

  4. Tom says:

    I am thankful:
    -He won’t give us more than we can handle-good or bad-including vague memories of my hurtful past to keep me diligent in an eternal perspective
    -having a great time with all grand kids last night while all our kids were ministering to community…OMY and bluegrass! :)
    -my folks arrive Monday for 2 months
    -He brings some pretty funny people…like myself…into my life and then sees how I treat them
    -scripture always clears my obscured vision

  5. June Crumley says:

    I am thankful:
    1. For another great association winter party at Boondocks, we all had such fun.
    2. For caring friends.
    3. Father God is interested in every area of our lives – I love it.
    4. I have the joy of spending time with my heavenly Father in His Word.
    5. We have such caring, loving Vineyard volunteers – how we all love to help!!

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