thankful5 – April 25 2015

What are you thankful for? Take a moment to read what others are thankful for and then add your thankful5 below!

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  1. Dixie Lee Saboe-Henckel says:

    I am so thankful today;

    For memories of a fun evening with good friends.
    For the folks who encourage me.
    For my savior, who loves me through all my tough times, as well as when I am full of joy.
    For one more precious day here on planet earth.
    For prayer, the best thing I can do with my mind and my mouth!

  2. June Crumley says:

    I am so thankful:
    1. I sleep peacefully! That is a blessing.
    2. For the Word – nothing of more value.
    3. Father wants me to be blessed, healed and well and to tell others about Him!
    4. For Father’s messages through Pastor Steve! Always a blessing! Having ears to hear His Word.
    5. What He tells me to do, I can do it because He provides the way to get ‘er done!! Glory to God!!!

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