Thankful 5's

thankful5 – April 22 2016

What are you thankful for? Take a moment to read what others are thankful for and then add your thankful5 below!

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  1. Dave V says:

    I am thankful for:

    The wisdom of Ecclesiastes
    The understanding we can have of that wisdom;
    The vanity of all men and our temporary time on this earth;
    The comfort of God knowing He loves us and wants us in the plan
    The everlasting plan and sacrifice of redemption

  2. Tom says:

    I am thankful:
    -rest is a gift
    -being gifted with close family and friends
    -the Holy Spirit is more than a gift
    -Fran treats my boys, especially Garrett and Charlie, like his own
    -knowing my purpose of all the hats I wear…5-2-1

  3. Dixie Lee Henckel says:

    For peace today after a huge funeral yesterday here in Memphis.
    To be of help and service to my dear lady friend.
    For life as a faithful believer, which is such a comfort
    To know that we shall be forever with our savior.
    To speak softly and love deeply.