thankful5 – June 22 2014

What are you thankful for? Take a moment to read what others are thankful for and then add your thankful5 below!

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  1. Dixie Lee Saboe-Henckel says:

    I am so thankful this morning;

    To witness God’s glory in the new sunrise.
    To go to our church and love on Him with others.
    For the celebration of Andy’s life we will help with today on the ocean.
    That I have gotten to know and love Homer Cassada. And am here for Shirley.
    For Sylvia’s work at restoring her health with an amazing attitude !

    You are such a loving Father! Thank You for blessing me abundantly every day.

  2. Wanda Gershowitz says:

    I am thankful to God for…
    1. giving me Irv as my life journey mate as we grow together as one
    2. love, laughter, joy and adventures
    3. inviting our new, young couple neighbors into our life
    4. our Mishkan David family who loves, tease, encourage and support us
    5. meeting some of our soon to be new neighbors last night

  3. Janet King says:

    I am thankful for:
    1. That Sandy and James are back with us.
    2. Wonderful message from Pastor Steve. We are the ambassadors in the Keys to get the Good News out about Jesus.
    3. Time to get things done today and just relax.
    4. My dear husband and his way of making me laugh every day.
    5. Friends to pray with and share life’s struggles.

  4. Ruth Koson says:

    I am thankful for:

    1. Still being able to follow the Vineyard via satellite internet even after moving away over three years ago.
    2. I am thankful that I can be a person who still carries God in my heart when going through trying times when others walk away from him.
    3. I am thankful to have my water collected and put in my shallow well tank and somehow, I managed to gather the strength to once again mow a couple of acres that I did not have in the keys!
    4. I am thankful to still have my yellow labs Summer and Autumn who are now growing in to their elderly dog years and enjoy a busy day and then a day of rest.
    5. I am thankful for this beautiful day filled with blue skies and sunshine and the rainbow that appears in the clouds when a storm quickly rolls by ~ ~